AT-TE Assault Squad
Product Info
Manufacturer Hasbro
Scale 3¾ inches
MN 87861
Asst 87752
Figures 4
#1 AT-TE Tank Gunner
#2 Clone Trooper
#3 Clone Trooper
#4 Clone Trooper
Collection 1
The Clone Wars
AT-TE Assault Squad (87861) F
Collection The Clone Wars
Series Battle Pack
Year 2008
Price $21.99
PN None
UPC 6 53569 33066 0
The Clone Wars
AT-TE Assault Squad (87861) R

AT-TE Assault Squad was a multipack released in 2008 as part of The Clone Wars collection's Battle Pack series.

Packaging Text

A chaotic battle ensues when Anakin and his troopers arrive to attack the B'omarr monk monastery in which the Huttlet is being held prisoner. AT-TE walkers with clone trooper assault squads on board surge into combat against swarms of battle droids. The rugged walkers advance relentlessly up the side of a steep cliff, intent upon reaching the monastery at he top of the mesa.

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