Star Wars: Battlefront II Droid Pack
Product Info
Manufacturer Hasbro
Scale 3¾ inches
MN 87478
Asst 87561
Figures 7
#1 Ammunition Droid
#2 Engineer Battle Droid
#3 Assassin Battle Droid
#4 Super Battle Droid
#5 MagnaGuard
#6 Destroyer Droid
#7 Assault Battle Droid
Collection 1
The 30th Anniversary Collection
Collection The 30th Anniversary Collection
Series Battlefront II
Year 2007
Price $69.99
PN 6723130200
UPC 6 53569 26483 5
Exclusive To Shared

Battlefront II: Droid Pack was a multipack released in 2007 as part of The 30th Anniversary Collection, available as a Shared exclusive.

Packaging Text

The battle for the galaxy! Star Wars: Battlefront II gathers together a galaxy of heroes, villains, droids, and vehicles for plenty of intense combat and epic battles. From the Clone Wars to the Galactic Civil Wars, Star Wars: Battlefront II gives you command of the action! The battle heats up with a powerful squadron of droids, each with special combat skills to support their forces with ferocious firepower and technological skill!

DESTROYER DROID Also called droidekas, destroyer droids have powerful repeating blasters and can convert into menacing wheels to speed into conflict.

SUPER BATTLE DROID Super battle droids are the next generation of battle droids, stronger than their predecessors and capable of more independent action in battle.

MAGNAGUARD These enhanced droid bodyguards are often deployed to protect important figures in the Separatist army. They wield energy-emitting electrostaffs or ranged weapons with equal efficiency.

BATTLE DROID Legions of these combat droids make up the bulk of the infantry units. They carry blaster rifles and are programmed for one purpose only: combat.

AMMUNITION DROID Ammunition droids move through battlefields to re-supply combat forces with ammunition, allowing troops to deliver an unrelenting barrage of firepower.

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