Chameleon Droid
Chameleon Droid (87213) P
Product Info
Manufacturer Hasbro
Scale 3¾ inches
MN 87213
Asst 87630
Character Chameleon Droid
Model Probe Battle Droid (Sabotage)
Maker Arakyd Industries
The 30th Anniversary Collection
Included in Ambush on Ilum
Series Battle Packs
Exclusive To Target

Chameleon Droid was a 2007 figure included in the Ambush on Ilum multipack, part of The 30th Anniversary Collection, available exclusively at Target.

Cardback Biography

So named because of their ability to seamlessly blend in with their surroundings, these modified probe droids launched devastating sabotage and sneak-attack missions across the galaxy. They destroyed the crystal caves on Ilum, and nearly dispatched two Jedi Knights in the process.

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