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{{Action figure
|name=Darth Malak
|scale=3¾ inches
|packin=Collectors Coin
|character1=Darth Malak
|collection=[[30th Anniversary Collection]]
|collection1=The 30th Anniversary Collection
|wave=Wave 5
|series1=Expanded Universe
'''Darth Malak''' is catalogued as [[The 30th Anniversary Collection]].
This figure is the second of The 30th Anniversary Collection's fifth wave [[basic assortment]].
|upc1=6 53569 21854 8
*Lightsaber Hilt
'''''Darth Malak''''' was a figure released in [[2007]], part of [[The 30th Anniversary Collection (toyline)|The 30th Anniversary Collection]].
== Cardback Biography ==
==Cardback biography==
{{Cardback table
|name=Darth Malak
|value1=Once a Jedi, now a Sith
|value3=Apprentice to Revan, a Dark Lord of the Sith
|desc=Four thousand years ago, during the height of the Old Republic, a young Jedi fell to the dark side while battling Mandalorians in uncharted space. Renaming himself Darth Malak, he returned to plague the Republic he once protected. Malak's steel jaw is the result of a vicious lightsaber wound inflicted by his former Sith Master, Darth Revan.
[[Category:30th Anniversary Collection]]
|value0=Turn 360°
|value2=Turn 360°
|value3=Turn 360°
|value4=Turn 360°
|value5=Turn 360°
|value6=Back & Forth
|value8=No Articulation
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