Death Star Briefing
Product Info
Manufacturer Hasbro
Scale 3¾ inches
MN 87268
Asst None
Figures 7
#1 Chief Bast
#2 Officer Cass
#3 Colonel Wulf Yularen
#4 Admiral Motti
#5 Darth Vader
#6 Grand Moff Tarkin
#7 General Tagge
Collection 1
The Saga Collection
Death Star Briefing (87268) F
Collection The Saga Collection
Series Screen Scene
Year 2006
Price $39.99
PN 6597590100
UPC 6 53569 20231 8
Exclusive To Previews
The Saga Collection
Death Star Briefing (87268) R
The Saga Collection
Death Star Briefing (87268) Z
The Saga Collection
Death Star Briefing (87268) T

Death Star Briefing was a multipack released in 2006 as part of The Saga Collection, available exclusively at Previews.

Packaging Text

DARTH VADER Though he is not an official commander aboard the Death Star, Vader's commands as the personal envoy of the Emperor carry great weight, especially when he backs them up with the power of the Dark Side.

GRAND MOFF TARKIN Ambitious, brilliant and dedicated to the Emperor's New Order, Tarkin intends to crush without mercy all resistance to the Emperor's rule.

ADMIRAL MOTTI Second of the triumvirate in command of the Death Star, Motti believes the power of the Death Star dwarfs all others in the universe. He learns the fallacy of this belief at the hand of Darth Vader, to his regret.

GENERAL TAGGE The cautious and unambitious third in command of the Death Star, Tagge urges caution in dealing with the Rebellion. His recommendation is ignored, and he dies along with his fellow commanders when the Death Star is destroyed.

CHIEF BAST Personal assistant to Grand Moff Tarkin aboard the Death Star, Bast shares Tagge's opinion that the Rebellion is more powerful than many Imperials believe. He is one of very few Imperial officers to successfully evacuate from the Death Star before its destruction.

OFFICER CASS As a high-level communications officer, Cass is entrusted with the most sensitive information and communications between the Death Star and Imperial command.

COLONEL WULF YULAREN Though none of the officers present know it, Yularen is an agent of the Imperial Security Bureau tasked with informing on any treasonous activity among the officer corps aboard the Death Star.

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