Product Info
Manufacturer Kenner
Scale 3¾ inches
MN 70490
Asst None
Planet Tatooine
Collection 1
Return of the Jedi
Jabba the Hutt Action Playset (70490)
Collection Return of the Jedi
Year 1983
Price $12.99
PN None
UPC 0 76281 70490
Figure(s) Included
Jabba the Hutt
Salacious Crumb

Catalog Description

Imagine if you will...the most ominous creature in existence. Now imagine that this creature is the ruthless leader of the most dangerous cut throats in the galaxies. One look into his glassy eyes and kids will know...JABBA THE HUTT means business. When the head of this footless creature moves, his his large menacing tail swishes slowly from side to side. He sits high atop a prison platform so he can watch his victims beg for mercy. The prison holds up to seven STAR WARS Action Figures, has doors that open and close with a flick of the switch. And, as if that isn't enough, there's a slave rope to hold even more of his captives. JABBA THE HUTT and his pet, SALACIOUS CRUMB, sit and see who will become the next prisoner.

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