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{{Action figure
|name=Mace Windu
|packin=Collectors Coin
|collection=30th Anniversary Collection
|wave=Wave 1
'''Mace Windu''' is catalogued as [[The 30th Anniversary Collection]] #06.
This figure is the sixth of The 30th Anniversary Collection's first wave [[basic assortment]].
==Cardback biography==
Human from the harsh, gas-choked planet of Haruun Kal
Jedi Master and member of the Jedi High Council
Weapon of Choice:
The elegant and versatile Lightsaber
Wise, diplomatic, and believes in the power of words over action
A powerful Jedi warrior, Mace Windu has mastered skills that only the most trained minds could hope to attempt. He is slain in a desperate act of betrayal by Anakin Skywalker after fighting Chancellor Palpatine to a standstill in a battle that costs the lives of three Jedi.

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