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Free with Walkers crisp packets

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10 exclusive to Doritos


Collector's Force Pack

Star Wars Tazos were a limited edition series of Tazos distributed in the UK with packets of Walkers crisps. They were released in 1997 to mark the release of Star Wars Trilogy (Special Edition). There were fifty to collect, and a special binder called the Collector's Force Pack was available to store them in. Numbers 1-39 covered the three individual films, with thirteen Tazos for each film. Numbers 40-50 were only available in packets of Doritos and depicted moments from the remastered trilogy.

Tazo listEdit

Star Wars Episode IV: A New HopeEdit

Number Description Front
1 C-3PO Tazo01
2 R2-D2 Tazo02
3 Tusken Raider Tazo03
4 Luke Skywalker Tazo04
5 Luke, Obi-Wan & Han Tazo05
6 Darth Vader Tazo06
7 Grand Moff Tarkin Tazo07
8 Luke Skywalker Tazo08
9 Stormtroopers Tazo09
10 Obi-Wan Kenobi Tazo10
11 Han Solo Tazo11
12 Princess Leia & C-3PO Tazo12
13 TIE Fighters Tazo13

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes BackEdit

Number Description Front
14 Luke Skywalker on a Tauntaun Tazo14
15 Han Solo Tazo15
16 AT-AT walkers Tazo16
17 Luke & R2-D2 Tazo17
18 Luke Skywalker Tazo18
19 Jedi Master Yoda OR Yoda-Jedi Master Tazo19
20 Luke & Yoda Tazo20
21 Chewbacca Tazo21
22 Lando Calrissian Tazo22
23 Leia & Lando Tazo23
24 Han & Lando Tazo24
25 Darth Vader Tazo25
26 Leia, Luke & R2-D2 OR Luke, Leia & R2-D2 Tazo26

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the JediEdit

Number Description Front
27 C-3PO & R2-D2 Tazo27
28 Jabba & Salacious Tazo28
29 Han Solo & Princess Leia Tazo29
30 Princess Leia Tazo30
31 Chewbacca & Han Solo Tazo31
32 Scout trooper/ BIKER SCOUT Tazo32
33 Wicket the Ewok Tazo33
34 Luke & Han Tazo34
35 Han Solo Tazo35
36 Luke & Vader Tazo36
37 Emperor Palpatine Tazo37
38 Luke & Vader ALSO LUKE & DARTH Tazo38

Star Wars Trilogy Special EditionEdit

Number Description Front
39 Millennium Falcon Tazo39
40 Stormtrooper on a Dewback Tazo40
41 Wampa ice creature Tazo41
42 Jabba the Hutt Tazo42
43 Greeata & Rystáll Tazo43
44 Vader & Boba Fett Tazo44
45 Han Solo Tazo45
46 Luke Skywalker Tazo46
47 Rancor Tazo47
48 Leia & Luke Tazo48
49 B-wing Tazo49
50 Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition Tazo50
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