Cantina Band Member
Tedn Dahai
Cantina Band Member Ickabel G'ont (69734)
Product Info
Manufacturer Hasbro
Scale 3¾ inches
MN 69734
Character (1) Dahai, Tedn
Collection 1
Power of the Force II
Collection Power of the Force II
Series Cantina Band Members
Year 1997
Price $9.99
UPC None
  • Bandfill
  • Dorenian Beshniquel
  • Fanfar
  • Kloo Horn
  • Omni Box
  • Plastic Cloak
Cantina Band Member (69734) Pkg

The Cantina Band Member was a mail-away figure available in 1997, part of the Power of the Force II collection, available exclusively through Star Wars Insider Magazine and the Official Fan Club (limited to five figures per person).

Each figure came with a Plastic Cloak and five different instruments:

  • Bandfill
  • Dorenian Beshniquel
  • Fanfar
  • Kloo Horn
  • Omni Box

Due to the seeming interchangeability of the Bith, you could place any of the instruments in in the figure's hands and claim he was a different band-member.

The Modal Nodes consisted of eight members: Doikk Na'ts plays the Dorenian Beshniquel Figrin D'an (the leader) plays the Kloo Horn Ickabel G'ont plays the Fanfar. Lirin Car'n plays the Kloo Horn. Nalan Cheel plays the Bandfill Sun'il Ei'de plays the Drums (not included in set, but included here for completeness) Tech Mo'r plays the Omni Box Tedn Dahai plays the Fanfar

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