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Usage instructions

Use this template by pasting the following code into the top of the article and filling in all relevant fields:

<!-- Product Information -->
|name=		<!-- Name of figure as it appears on the front of the packaging -->
|imagep=	<!-- Image of figure free of packaging -->
|manufacturer=	<!-- Manufacturing Company, preferable linked -->
|scale=		<!-- Size of figure (usually 3¾ inches) -->
|mnumber=	<!-- Product number (ex. Original Artoo Detoo was 38200 -->
|anumber=	<!-- Assortment number when available -->

<!-- Figure-specific Information - MAXIMUM OF TWO - ALL (#) MUST BE CHANGED TO THE SAME NUMBER PER FIGURE -->
|character(#)=	<!-- Name of primary figure in package, based on category -->
|model(#)=	<!-- Used if figure is a Droid -->
|maker(#)=	<!-- Used if figure is a Droid -->

<!-- Toyline-specific Information - MAXIMUM OF FOUR - ALL (#) MUST BE CHANGED TO THE SAME NUMBER PER TOYLINE -->
|collection(#)=	<!-- Name of toyline(s) this figure appears in with the same product number -->
|imagef(#)=	<!-- Image of front of packaging -->
|imager(#)=	<!-- Image of back of packaging -->
|imagez(#)=	<!-- Image of bottom of packaging -->
|imaget(#)=	<!-- Image of top of packaging -->
|imagel(#)=	<!-- Image of left side of packaging (when looking at the front of the package) -->
|imagert(#)=	<!-- Image of right side of packaging (when looking at the front of the package) -->
|imageins(#)=	<!-- Image(s) of any instructions/inserts -->
|series(#)=	<!-- Name of sub-series the figures belongs to -->
|year(#)=	<!-- Year of release in the collection -->
|wave(#)=	<!-- Wave number the figure was released in -->
|price(#)=	<!-- Price (in US$) of the original offering of the figure in this line -->
|number(#)=	<!-- Series # (If figure is part of a numbered series) -->
|pnumber(#)=	<!-- Packaging number -->
|upc(#)=	<!-- UPC number -->

<!-- Miscellaneous -->
|accessories=	<!-- Any accessories that come with the figure -->
|exclusive=	<!-- Name, if any, of the company, website, etc. that has exclusive rights to this figure -->
'''''NAME''''' was a figure released in [[YEAR]], part of the [[collection (toyline)|collection]] collection.

NOTE: Entries containing (#) MUST be changed to a number!  If there is only one figure in one collection, these should be all changed
to a 1.  If there is more than one figures, (maximum TWO, and only with GOOD REASON), then there will be a second |character(#)= entry
numbered, of course, 2.  If the figure is in more than one collection, this number should be changed to reflect this fact as well
(with a maximum of FOUR).


For Example (taken from General Grievous (87661)):

|imagep=[[Image:General Grievous (87661) P.gif|250px]]
|scale=3¾ inches
|character1=Grievous, General
|collection1=The Clone Wars
|imagef1=[[Image:No06 General Grievous (87661) v1 F.gif|250px]]<br><small>''1st Day of Issue''</small><br><br>
[[Image:No06 General Grievous (87661) v2 F.gif|250px]]<br><small>''Standard''</small>
|imager1=[[Image:No06 General Grievous (87661) R.gif|250px]]<br><small>''2008 Version''</small>
|imagez1=[[Image:No06 General Grievous (87661) Z.gif|250px]]<br><small>''2008 Version''</small>
|number1=No. 6
|upc1=6 53569 32583 3
|collection2=The Clone Wars
|imagef2=[[Image:CW01 General Grievous (87661) F.gif|250px]]
|imager2=[[Image:CW01 General Grievous (87661) R.gif|250px]]<br><small>''2009 Version''</small>
|imagez2=[[Image:CW01 General Grievous (87661) Z.gif|250px]]<br><small>''2009 Version''</small>
|upc2=6 53569 42582 3
|accessories=(4) Lightsabers
'''General Grievous''' was a figure first released in [[2008]], and re-released in [[2009]], as part of
[[The Clone Wars (toyline)|The Clone Wars]] collection.