Walrus Man
Walrus Man (39050) P
Product Info
Manufacturer Kenner
Scale 3¾ inches
MN 39050
Character (1) Baba, Ponda
Collection 1
Star Wars
Walrus Man (39050) v1 F
Collection Star Wars
Year 1978
Wave 2
Price $1.49
UPC None
Collection 2
The Empire Strikes Back
Walrus Man (39050) v2 F
Collection The Empire Strikes Back
Year 1980
Wave Repack
Price $2.49
UPC 76281 39050
Collection 3
Return of the Jedi
Walrus Man (39050) v3 F
Collection Return of the Jedi
Year 1983
Wave Repack
Price $2.99
UPC 76281 39050
Collection 4
Power of the Force
Collection Power of the Force
Year 1985
Wave Repack
Price $2.99
UPC 76281 39050

Imperial Blaster


Walrus Man was a figure released in 1978, part of the Star Wars collection.


This figure was originally included in the Cantina Adventure Set, and made it's first appearance on the Star Wars 20-back card. Although pictured on the back of the Star Wars 20- and 21-back cards with a Smuggler Blaster, the figure was packed with an Imperial Blaster

Major Variation(s)

Though all vintage figures have minor variations, the Walrus Man figure's only major variation is the color of his 'teeth'. The figure was commonly available with either white or pink 'teeth'.

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